Robo GoPro

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Tech
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I have always found the idea of a radio control camera exciting and i have now realised this dream.

Last year i purchased a cheap Buggy style R/C car from jaycar. I removed the body and mounted my GoPro to the flat plastic chassis and took it for a burn. The shots looked great from that ultra low angle but it kept getting stuck! This just wouldn’t do. Eventually the plastic gears ground to a halt as did my project. So i started searching for a more robust ‘Go Anywhere’ R/C car. This is when i learned about ‘Rock Crawlers’. One in particular. I originally found it available in California sold as the ‘Exceed RC – Mad Torque’ but i couldn’t get it shipped in 1/8 scale. Finally i found it available in Australia sold as the ‘Nanda racing – Spirit’.  Now i had the perfect platform to start mounting cameras on!

Here are some pix showing how i put it all together.IMGP4355

The plastic plate that came with the GoPro fit almost perfectly onto the chassis, i just needed to cut out the corners a little.IMGP4336

Next i drilled two holes on each corner.IMGP4340

Now i just used Cable Ties to secure it to the chassis and off we go!IMGP4349

Here is the beast!IMGP4353

Stay tuned for some awesome video!!!

  1. David Smith says:

    Great combo of high tech bits – incredible camera, incredible vehicle


  2. Andy Wakefield says:

    Possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen Ha ha! Can’t wait for the video…


  3. Natalie Hulme says:

    What a great idea Denby!


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