I created this Interactive, 3D animated Projection using 3D studio MAX and Unity3D, as well as some secret tech magic!

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Just a little thing i made in an afternoon around 2011…ish.

I set up my Sony A1 and used the remote to snap stills. I think it came up pretty well.

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Oh yeah, I went Skydiving on Australia day.

Check out my Article in Australian Video Camera magazine (AUSCAM)


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Exploring the bush and testing the rig.

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Robo GoPro

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I have always found the idea of a radio control camera exciting and i have now realised this dream.

Last year i purchased a cheap Buggy style R/C car from jaycar. I removed the body and mounted my GoPro to the flat plastic chassis and took it for a burn. The shots looked great from that ultra low angle but it kept getting stuck! This just wouldn’t do. Eventually the plastic gears ground to a halt as did my project. So i started searching for a more robust ‘Go Anywhere’ R/C car. This is when i learned about ‘Rock Crawlers’. One in particular. I originally found it available in California sold as the ‘Exceed RC – Mad Torque’ but i couldn’t get it shipped in 1/8 scale. Finally i found it available in Australia sold as the ‘Nanda racing – Spirit’.  Now i had the perfect platform to start mounting cameras on!

Here are some pix showing how i put it all together.IMGP4355

The plastic plate that came with the GoPro fit almost perfectly onto the chassis, i just needed to cut out the corners a little.IMGP4336

Next i drilled two holes on each corner.IMGP4340

Now i just used Cable Ties to secure it to the chassis and off we go!IMGP4349

Here is the beast!IMGP4353

Stay tuned for some awesome video!!!



3D renders created in 3ds MAX.

All my art will appear here, over time.

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So now the the world starts turning, again, like never before……